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Product Reviews

Autor: Vali


  • Review Add-on: 18/09/2021
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Helps a lot focusing. I had an interview this week and took this plus a dose of Phenibut 30 mins before. It was the best performance I’ve had in an interview. By far

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Autor: George Williams

  • Review Add-on: 22/03/2018
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

I found this Noopept as the most effective Nootropics I tried. This allows me to stay extremely focused, and improved my memory. I don't take a bunch of products but I just combine this with L-Theanine which I also bought from Raw Powders.

Autor: Jean

  • Review Add-on: 16/02/2018
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Is it taken with water or can i put under the tounge?
Yes you can take it sublingual.

Autor: Jack Likey

  • Review Add-on: 23/11/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

I'm a communications manager in a call centre, my body is set to other country's time hence when I go home I can't sleep immediately and I have to stay up and be with my laptop doing works until I don't notice that I only have 3 hours to sleep resulting to become unproductive to my work. When one of the managers recommended me to take this and look for Raw Powders I gave it a try. Just by 2 months of taking this, I immediately go to sleep, became focus and my energy is never like before! Thank you Raw Powders for this amazing stuff.

Autor: Steve

  • Review Add-on: 15/09/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

This stuff is incredible. Lights my brain on fire. I use it daily and am husk without it. Great service and speedy delivery from the team at Raw Powders.

Autor: Raul B

  • Review Add-on: 07/09/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Top! will be back for more and wanna try phenibut :)
Outstanding quality

Autor: Matteo

  • Review Add-on: 27/08/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Great product for memory enhancement,better learning and focus.It also improves your clarity.

Autor: Martin

  • Review Add-on: 23/08/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Very nice stuff, i can only recommend it.

Autor: Robert

  • Review Add-on: 23/06/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

I have one question, does Noopept in powder form come with a measurer? Because it's very difficult to measure 30mg.

Raw Powders:
Sorry we do not include measuring scoop as dosage would be very inaccurate from 10 to 50mg, but we offer 0.01g scales.

Autor: John

  • Review Add-on: 22/06/2017
  • Durchschnittliche Bewertung:

Noopept is a life saver. I've been using it for better cognition for about seven months now and it has worked miracles. No more brainfog, better concentration and my social anxoiusness has lifted. Thanks!

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