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Autor: Joe

Big energy surge

  • Review Add-on: 25/09/2022
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Tried this one for the first time. Wasn't sure what to expect as I have never tried a Kratom marketed as a "Yellow" & was somewhat skeptical tbh. Made a tea with it and it was less bitter tasting than others. Nothing happened for half an hour then booom!! Tingling arms, a big rush of happiness and strong feeling of energy took over. Any anxiety I was feeling regarding some upcoming life changes vanished and I experienced great euphoria and relaxation. I was very very talkative and had a strong desire to get to the gym and workout. This is a long lasting blend of kratom and it lasted a full 7 hours. I took a small redose about ten hours after my initial dose and experienced the same effects. This is now my favourite kratom from Raw Powders and is far stronger than the white which is also energetic but didn't give me the huge euphoria I got from this one. Absolutely amazing.

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